Your domain is your identity!


Is there a need for a Domain name for your company?
Yes! Your domain is your identity!

* Value assigned for a period of one year.

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Get Your Presence

Every domain name has its own uniqueness. Domain name registration will help create your brand by communicating your identity and objective.
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Simple To Search

Your business name helps to boost your website searchability and helps consumers keep their brand in mind.


Whether you require a personal blog or an online store, a personalised name makes you more trustworthy and competent.

Enhance Your Market Strength

Fresh Starter Kit SSD Cloud Server

The Starter Kit contains high-performance virtual machines and data transfer plans, starting at £3.50 permonth. It offers you a wide variety of popular photos, including WordPress, LAMP, and Ghost.

Juglo Mail

Juglo mail is the only Email Services Provider (ESP) provider for public cloud services in the industry. It introduces a brand new tech collaboration system based on the same safety procedures as any recognised system.

Juglo Cloud DNS

Juglo Cloud DNS lets companies and developers translate read-human domain names into readable system IP addresses and routes user requests to the appropriate websites or servers.