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Our solutions cover all your needs. Whether it is Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated or Managed WordPress Hosting, we can provide it. Get your new domain name with JugloCloud and secure it with our SSL Certificates.

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Our web host solution tops the market. We strive to have a super fast and reliable server running tirelessly.


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Do you feel like you do not want to get into the complexity of SSL Certificate options or providers? That is what Juglo Cloud is here for. You can buy an SSL Certificate at the ease of a click. If required, we will set up your account, and our pre-installed SSL on servers makes it even more convenient.

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Our Mission

Juglo Cloud makes your data secure. Juglo Cloud removes the restriction of creating minimal data by providing space and safe transmission, to revolutionise your business by adding more capacity, better performance and achieve your business goals by helping you get avant-garde performance & futuristic speed.

Why waste prized storage space on your PC when you can get inexpensive cloud storage from Juglo Cloud & share it across multiple channels?

As more and more companies are coming online and becoming digitalised, cloud storage is becoming the most suitable option for storing data digitally. For companies who are looking to grow their business further, it is indispensable that they choose the cloud storage that fits their business needs perfectly.

Now with Juglo Cloud, accessibility is just a click away. Not only do we keep your data safe & secure, but our security measures ensure that the data is encrypted via firewalls and routine security audits.

Our resolve is to bring a revolution in the world of digitalisation by providing unbelievably inexpensive and fast data solutions to ensure all information is at your disposal.

With a million happy clients, JugloCloud is the most innovative cloud storage platform for data-driven individuals. JugloCloud is on a mission to make cloud storage accessible to even a common man.

Our Story

The next generation of data-driven businesses is here to innovate the industry, and we are here to facilitate them. Data has become the most high-valued currency of today, and you need a safe& secure shelter to store your data. Cloud storage has become the top-most necessity in the hierarchy of human needs.  The novel businesses are now realising the importance of cloud storage and embracing the innovation and technology that comes with it. Our motive is to facilitate them and help them increase their performance, competence & efficiency.

Cloud storage is going to revolutionise the world, and Juglo Cloud is here to help you be a part of this state-of-the-art revolution.